Simple Home Improvement Projects

I'd like to believe the house has stabilized.

We've had some changes in the past three months or so, and the kids and I have been working to re-establish our hold on a clean and well organized home. It getting there- we've our routines, our responsibilities... the girls have their chores. I have everything else...

And now we're looking at adding to our enjoyment. We have plans for a BBQ deck coming off the rear of the house into the back yard and gardens, as well as refurbishing the basement to be a comfortable family room- games, art, movie nights... the better things in life rather than the bare minimum.

One thing we're looking at is a list of simple home improvement projects, little things that will improve our enjoyment around the house.

Rehanging doors, re-tiling the bathroom, and replacing old blinds. Piece of cake.

For that, we've been looking around and researching blinds online.

Now, whenever possible, I prefer to shop locally, but all the window treatment options in my area are large, impersonal corporate box stores who have less than zero customer service skills. Not to knock the salespeople, as they have it rough at working for minimum wage, but I'd rather deal with a company that actually cares about the look and value of my home decor choices. For this, we're looking heartily at ordering from a place called OzBlinds. I will have personalized service, and a guarantee of satisfaction.

How many times do I hear that these days? Not very often outside of my usual business interactions, let me tell you.

So we're going to start with the soon-to-be former TV room upstairs, which we're converting to a guest room. Then, the bedrooms, and then the dining room.

I might even find a treatment for the big window in the kitchen.

We'll see- we're taking it one step at a time.