Time to Get Sweaty...

Don't PanicIt's Spring, at least that's the suggestion in New England these days. The temps aren't rising too steadily, but we've attacked our square foot garden and put in some seeds for lettuces and beets, as well as a few onions.

We'll be holding off until Memorial day for the rest, but even those little plantings we did let us get our hands dirty and the scent of soil in our souls...

Fifty degrees out, and I still sweat. It must be some unknown genetic component of my unknown heritage... maybe something related to Aurthur Dent or Ford Prefect.

But no matter- something drove me to search out solutions, and I came across this little gem.

Though the spokesperson has an overwhelmingly adorable Aussie accent, this product finds it's way onto the market from good old North Carolina- a place known for having a few sweaty populations as I understand it. That little combination of higher than normal humidity and heat- it'll get you every time.

So I'm thinking about it- a handy dandy MagneKlip for the garden, or the boat. The backyard... not such a bad idea.