The Sounds of Pre-Tween Spring

Spring is coming.

video still safety danceAt least, that's the rumor I've heard... the sounds are crisper as the murk of late winter's blanket lifts around us here in New Hampshire. From the kitchen wndow, I'm seeing the lawn, brown as it is, for the first time in months.

Any how, I spend a little time each day listen to my girls sing. Most times it's on purpose, but sometimes it's drifting in while I'm multitasking- dinner, dishes, groceries... you get the drift. The tunes are standard kids covers, for the most part... If I Had Hammer, You Are My Sunshine, Safety Dance...

girl computer funnyI listen to public radio consistently, and the girls prefer listening to the CDs we pick up on occasion with upbeat and inspirational lyrics. Last Christmas, my step-mother sent along a kids collection of Lousiana-based songs, and we're still trying to wear it out.

I'm not comfortable with a free reign in their search for internet experiences, but we do enjoy online educational and entertainment games, some appropriate Netflix shows, and now, great music.

Just the other night, we were browsing NoiseTrade, and checked out a recommended group, WORDology. They are offering their three albums as a free downloads, with some fun performance tracks as well, and each is chock full of great songs the girls are beginning to pick up as their new favorites.
batman meme
Which is good, because the songs come available sans vocals to mix into their karaoke set list.

Each song on each album is something even I'm getting in to- no fancy dub-mixes to distort the artistry, or walls of reverb to fake the vocals. These songs are straight out fresh, with clear lyrics and acoustic accompaniment.

Rock on.