Eco Friendly Detroit Renovations for the Future

I was at Granite Con two years back when I got into a conversation with one of the visiting artists about the state of misery Detroit seems to have gotten itself into. Bankrupt and considering selling it's public trust art for a quick buck to fund pensions for another week- but it's changed.

renovationsBy golly it has. Detroit, once the home of emissions out of control is shifting toward a sustainable, eco-friendly renovation on a grand scale, one block at a time. Roof top gardens, eat-local establishments, energy efficient building... it's all coming together, perhaps under the auspices that there's nothing left to lose so why not go ahead out onto the limb?

So they're going out there, one square foot at a time.

One project, the Boston-based Reco Detroit Project, has taken up the call to fully refit a residence with eco-friendly attributes to showcase the potential Detroit is gearing itself toward. The magic happens this summer, and will act as a DIY follow along to help anyone looking to reclaim worthwhile housing and improve not only property value, but also the planet.

neighborhoodLook for the project to hit social media with tips, advice, and blow by blow reconstruction of the 1920s 2 story neighborhood home, with detailed updates of efficient lighting solutions, appliances, renewable and non-degrading building materials, as well as repurposing from the existing site.

Companies are claiming their spot in Detroit's future, and Reco Detroit looks to reclaim the neighborhoods.