Organic Indoor Farming

Winter you old dirty SOB-

Spring promises to be just around the corner, a perpetual growing season made just right with the proper mix of tomatoes and lettuces and herbs spilling out from little patio pots...

But we've 3 feet of snow on the ground right now. And that's the average- nowhere near the visual impact of the 7 foot snow banks piled at every intersection, making travel a game of peek a boo, with the truck nosing out into the cross street to make sure no one is barreling down on us.

Ah, winter- give us a break already, ok?
snow cold beast

I've been using my time trapped indoors by organizing the canning shelves in basement, and realized that I still have yet to put in a organic mushroom growing space. It's something I've been looking forward to doing for years, but simply haven't had the time.

Old man winter might well be telling me something, I think. Mushrooms- with a little help from mushroom grower Jake White. Nothing fancy- some little white ones for pasta dishes, or a shitake or cloud ear for a taste of the exotic.

Just have to do it, as they say.

But man, that snow is getting higher- now I'm starting to wonder if my seedling trays will be getting enough sun when I start planting in a week. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

Stay warm!