Scoping for a NH 125 Buck

So my brother got his late season buck this year- hours of planning, trail cam observations, sitting quiet as a mouse until season ended.
roadkill deer
It took a while, but that buck eventually crossed his path. Of course, it also crossed the path of his Toyota Tacoma causing a little damage to his grill.

And his bumper.

And his radiator.

He's alright, and his truck is insured, so the only seeming inconvenience is that the local wildlife butchers aren't too keen on a roadkill tag job.

It's legit, signed off by the responding trooper, but once their garage kitchens get sanitized for the winter, that's it. No more butcherin'... so my brother is in a position of learning to do the cutting himself. I'm a little jealous, but he's grumbling.

I suspect once he learns, he'll be a pro.

We were talking while he cut away about the hunting season here in NH, and he reminded me of the 125 rule. We're so heavily populated down here that any deer south of rte 125 needs to be taken with a shotgun, or else a .22 LR in the brain pan, the shot of choice for sustenance hunters.

He had taken his does this year, and mounted a serious shotgun specific rig from the folks over at Mounting Solutions Plus. Their prices were better than our local outfitters, and they provided a much better selection, making his Lambert match up a perfect fit.

I have to admit, I'm once again jealous.

A late season buck, an opportunity to teach himself butchering, and a new scope mount.

Let's see what happens come Spring, shall we?