Reflections of Sustainability Everyday

April 22nd.

For a mid-December reflection, it seems an arbitrary date- until you think about it.

We're all environmentalists, aren't we? It's a birthday- April 22nd.


earth day 2015Alright, fine. It will be the 45th observation of Earth Day, that one moment on the calendar where we all voice together the actions completed, plans for the future, and the resolve to ensure our children aren't going to raise themselves up alone on a desolate, barren rock floating in space, nearly devoid of life.

Earth Day.

Regulars to this blog might recall a little nod I sent to Michael Anthony Earth Flags out in Minnesota a month or so back. Talk about someplace separated from the green warmth of a Spring day right now- but, Earth Day is most certainly on their minds.

The message needs to get out, and the good folks living in the frozen lakes and forests of Minnesota are looking for others to help them get the word out- to send a message to our neighbors that every day in Earth Day...

Interested parties should contact Michael at 612-298-4985, or hit the ol' reliable Facebook connect at Michael Anthony Earth Day Flags.

It's every day folks - do more than send a token message. Do your part every chance you get.