Daddy Homemaker and the Great Sewing Machine Search

Not so long ago, I made the conscious choice as a single Dad to live a more frugal life with my girls. I believe it was the rising gas prices, or the increase in grocery bill tally's at the end of each week. Perhaps it was home fuel costs, or the ever climbing prices associated with cable and the likes.

oil painting sewingNo matter the spark, the frugal life has firmly taken root in our daily lives and we are all the better for it. That's not to say we don't have our special treats, or brands that we simply can't give up even though a cheaper solution is on the shelf right below them. But living consciously about our money, we're making choices that strengthen our budget and let us live without anxiety or dread.

This smart-choice path also allows for experimentation- we've canned, and are staying with it. We've disconnected from the cable networks and are surviving just fine with minimal screen time from Netflix and Hulu. The garden is a blessing and a great way to save on grocery bills, and more ideas come our way each day on how to stay financially sound.

sewing imageFor example, we're now taking a look at how we treat our clothes. Not as disposable garments ready to be tossed at the first tear, but as semi-renewable resources. The rag bucket can wait, as we're looking at purchasing a sewing machine to help facilitate repairs when they are are required.

Though I'm still on the ground floor, (I'll need to teach myself to use a sewing machine before I can teach them) I've found some solid resources. One article I came across on the 'Best Sewing Machines for Kids' blog broke down inexpensive sewing machines by capabilities such as bobbin fitting, self-threading needles, and choice of stitches. The article lists the pros and cons of each model, suggesting prices and technology to fit each user's needs. I'm still not 100% sure what this all means as my vocabulary is constantly expanding, but if you want, you can go here to read it for yourself and drop me a message with the translation.

sewingAs to our own sewing projects - I figure we can begin to put a basket of in-need-of-repair clothes in the laundry room, and make sewing jobs part of our laundry folding day extravaganza. Who knows, patterns may come next- then unique creations from the girls' own imaginations.

But one step at a time-

I first need to decide on a sewing machine.