Taking Better Care of Personal Technology

It's enough to drive one batty.
1970s atari advertisement
So, I grew up in the 1970's, where the most complicated pieces of technology I even thought of owning was a stick, a rock, and a handful of Legos.

Ok, maybe an Atari console if I really had to be straight with you.

But my kids, jeez- in one year, they've gone through 3 tablets each. Of course, I wasn;t buying Galaxy and iPad units, but even at $35-$50 a pop, it added up.

Why three each you ask? Isn't it obvious? I have children- they have things. The mental attachment to keeping things nice just hasn't developed as of yet- but I'm working on it.

leather device caseWhat I have learned is that an additional investment in a carrying and protective case for their gizmos is well worth the price. In fact, I've taken my own advice and picked up a leather case for my own tablet. Just as I have the theory about a leather journal for writing notes in (I would be less inclined to forget where I left it), I'm applying that same thought process to my technology. Just the other week, I picked up a leather slip cover for my iPad from iCarryalls. And let me tell you, it was worth the price.

James Sewart mugshotI mean, the customer service was amazing in helping my customize the dang thing. No extra gadgets or pockets or pen holders- I got exactly what I wanted!

As soon as I slipped it on, it was as if I had a protective link with my go-to device. I knew where it was at all times, so if I needed it, there it was.

I dropped it (on purpose, but still) and not a dent. Not a hint of a spider-webbing on the screen.

My girls each got one as well- now we'll see.