Pumpkin Decorations for a Halloween Lawn

Amazing Yard Displays with Ready Household Items

We've all seen the amazing pumpkin decoration ideas that cross our path each Halloween season. Whether they are on the Today Show, or going viral on Pintrest, professional artists seem to enjoy shaming the rest of us with sculpted celebrity faces, 3-D horror landscapes, and incredibly detailed monster profiles.

But here's the trick- it's not as difficult as it looks. All you need is a little confidence, a paring knife, a few pumpkins, and some items you may already have from around the house.

TARDIS Pumpkin
Get Those Pumpkins Off The Steps!

If you grow your own like I want to next year, or buy them at your local Pick Your Own pumpkin farm stand, you know that the more jack-o-lanterns you have the happier you'll be this season. Choose a variety of sizes and shapes, and simply place them around your front lawn at interesting positions. Mix in a few card-board cut-out tombstones, and you're all set for the trick-or-treaters!

To Carve A Pumpkin

This year, try silhouetting your art on a pumpkin instead of the traditional through-and-through deep cut. Even a basic design will gain added depth with a scoring technique. After cutting open your top and a quick scoop-out of the insides, take the tip of a paring knife and slice a line to rough out your design. Then, slice a parallel line about 1/8" away and peel back the strip in between. You now have a clean, bright strip of white in the orange pumpkin field. Use a large spoon to scrape the inside of the pumpkin wall when your design is complete to thin the flesh and to let out more light. Your interior lighting will blaze through, and your pumpkin will be a hit!

Lighting Your Pumpkin

Candles and tea lights are the traditional tools for pumpkin illumination, but have you ever thought of using your Christmas lights instead? A string of Christmas lights threaded through the pumpkin's top and collected in the cavity will look marvelous. Not only is this method safer than open flames, it can be turned off at night by simply pulling the plug. Another benefit of a string of lights is you can light your jack-o-lanterns with different colors. How about a red light for your vampire silhouette?

pick your own pumpkins

Decoration Accessories For Your Pumpkin
If Christmas lights aren't your thing, Glad makes a thick and textured cellophane wrap called Press-N-Seal. Simply cut off a manageable amount and use a marker to add color. Once the marker ink on the sheets has dried, pin them with toothpicks to the inside of the pumpkin and let the light from your flame source shine through.

With a little imagination and a whole lot of fun, you can make this Halloween night legendary!