Really Melbourne


So it's no big secret that I have a small fixation on all things Aussie. I've got a gardening hookup with a great pair of folks deep in the bush with Fair Dinkum Seeds.

One of my favorite cousins is living the dream of a PhD program halfway around the world.

I want a koala.

Not really, but if they made great pets I probably would.

In my ever not-so-unhealthy obsession of stalking the entire continent, I came across a great resource for a trip to Melbourne. The site, Really Melbourne, is a user generated running blog-style retrospective of all things worth seeing, doing, tasting, and experiencing in the city.

It is the Melbourne food I'm particularly intrigued with.

I now have a desire to live at Miss Katie's Crab Shack on Victoria Street. I can pass on the Inner Harbor of Baltimore now- it's a been there done that situation.

Melbourne is calling.