Looking for a Travel Mug? Here’s What to Look Out For

5 Tips for the Perfect Travel Mug

Travel mugs are a must have for people who have active, busy lives. This is especially so if they enjoy taking a cup of coffee now and then when they are on the road. If you fall into this category, you might want to take some time to select the right mug for your needs. 

Consider size and comfort in a mug
There are different types of travel mugs, for example, the French press, which is great for people who like making their own tea or coffee. There is also the electric mug which can heat up any liquid stored therein. This type of mug will heat your beverage if the mug is placed in a room that has temperatures that are higher than 85 degrees. Lastly, there is the customized mug which allows you to print corporate logos, phrases, family pictures, images, cartoons, quotes and even names on it. There are some customizable cups that can hold more than one digital photo. To get your mug, you can order your custom drinkware online.

While the idea of taking time to purchase the right mug may sound somewhat silly, it is important to do so if your morning cup of coffee is sacrosanct. Those who do this usually pay close attention when buying their mugs. Here is a look at some of the things you should look for when buying a traveler’s mug.

Choose Stainless Steel

The mug material is a priority when choosing a travel mug. There are some travel mugs that are made of plastic. However, steel is sturdier compared to plastic. It will, therefore, withstand the bumps and falls it may encounter when you are traveling. Steel also gives better induction. It will keep your beverage cold or warm for at least one hour. One major downside of plastic is that it has the tendency of absorbing the stains and smells of whichever liquid is stored in it. Even though plastic mugs are cheaper, stainless steel is cheaper in the long run and worth the investment. If you happen to get a plastic mug, pick the one that at least has an inside lining made of steel.

Consider portability

Where will you take your travel mug?
If you drive and carry your beverage in the car, first check the cup-holder size in your car. Measure the dimensions before purchasing a travel mug. If you do not have time to measure, go for a mug that has got a wide base. Wide based mugs do not topple over easily. You can also look out for a mug that has a rubber gripped bottom or anti-skid base.

Choose a good lid

Inspect the lids before buying. Choose a mug that has a screw-on lid. Such a lid does not come off easily and won’t suddenly snap open. The hole of the lid (where the beverage comes out) also comes in different types like the snap lids and the slider lids. The lid you settle for is up to you. They are both equally good.

Size matters

You are the one to decide on the size of mug that suits you best. If you are a heavy drinker, you can settle for the 20oz or size-16 mug. Moderate drinkers can go for smaller variants such as those that have a size 8oz.

Personalize it to make a statement

If you wish to have a mug that resonates with your personality, you can have it personalized. If you are a narcissist, you may want a picture of yourself plastered across the mug. If you love fashion, you may want to grace your mug with Anna Wintour’s name or face. Keeping your mug plain is also a good idea and will work for some.