Kickstarting a Metabolism Increase at Any Age

Simple Changes in Habits Bring Excellent Results

As adults reach the age of forty, it's a common belief that our metabolisms slow down and the years of packing on body fat have officially begun. This can be true if let alone, but there are simple ways to avert this shared experience. And best of all, the results don't rely on marathon sessions at the gym to increase metabolism.
Exercise to Boost a Metabolism Increase
kickstarting metabolism Now, don't get me wrong. Exercise is still an important factor in keeping weight off and to boost metabolism, but this can be accomplished simply by stepping up daily activities that burn off calories. Sure, a four-times-a-week aerobic workout at the local gym will help immensely with building lean muscle and melting fat, but even a regular schedule of yard work and household chores will help. The more you move, the more you lose. Diane Kress, author of The Metabolism Miracle, goes one step further to extol the virtues of leisurely walking to increase metabolism. "Walking is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise," she explains. "If you have the use of your feet and legs, there is nothing better than a daily walk to decrease your blood pressure, blood sugar, and amount of diabetes medications while it enhances your mood, weight loss efforts, energy, and stamina." It is not that we naturally lose lean muscle from the aging process, it is that we stop performing activities that promote it.

Changing Eating Patterns
The list of foods beneficial to speed metabolism increase is a mile long, but the top three are citrus fruits, wild-caught salmon, and walnuts. Each of these foods contain proteins that stimulate our body cells to increase the burning of calories. Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution, notes that "The food-gene connection is critical because our Standard American Diet (SAD) is by far the leading cause of diabesity. We wolf down mountains of unhealthy processed foods - the foods that trigger the 'wrong' genes - and this single factor alone is breaking down our metabolism at historic levels and allowing disease and obesity to soar." Instead of reducing meals to lower ingested calories, look to eat sensibly several times a day. Balanced meals paired with healthy snacking such as fresh fruits, nuts, and simple air-popped popcorn keep an active metabolism chugging away.
A Well Deserved Sleep
Not only is a good night's sleep beneficial for our state of mind, it aids with metabolism increase as well. Sleep deprivation, meaning the lack of sleep, affects how a body burns calories by resisting the processing of leptin, a regulatory hormone that deals with metabolism and appetite. Without a healthy dose of sleep, the body is not able to burn as many calories the next day, no matter how much exercise is attempted. It is recommended that adults as well as children receive 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night to stay healthy. On a path to staying trim and fit, this proves to be the simplest factor to speed metabolism boost as we age.