Going Forward with Critical Feedback at Retrospective.ly

So the freelance writing thing is actually working for me. Luckily, my main competition is a mass of SEO long trails stuffers stuck in a windowless office somewhere, none of whom are paid to write engaging content.

I think I’ve found my niche – SEO that can actually be read.

And I’ve done well. It’s helped repair my roof and fund a nice little family vacation down to my cousin’s wedding in Ohio. With the price of gas these days, you know that was a nice chunk of change. Throw in the $300 state trooper ticket in NY for having Mass plates, and it sure did add up.
But the writing- I’m still going strong, and now I’m looking to push the envelope by developing my website for better traction. This means getting more potential clients to view my portfolio, and once I’ve ensnared them they should throw lots of money at me. Well, some money.

To this end, I’ve been checking out Retrospective, a site dedicated to matching those who know with those who don’t, and vice versa. The format is simple- a self-generated review answers the basic questions in a software-style retrospective. What went well? What didn’t? What can I do next time to really improve?
It’s a place where I can critically review my own decisions concerning my writing and have respected feedback provided. Then, it’s a simple wash, rinse, and repeat. Others have a chance to read what I’ve posted out there and either learn from my mistakes, or offer suggestions on how to improve.
Plain and simple.
Think of it as a peer group review without the sanctimonious butt kissing.