Five Surfing Podcasts for an Endless Summer

Hit the Surf from the Internet's Airwaves


Yes, Moondoggie, there is surfing in New Hampshire.

surf reports I'm a cold water short boarder, and with 13 miles of free access beach at my disposal, I know every rip and curl the local coast can offer. The rides may be short, and a body suit is a must, but getting out on the water with the smell of Mr. Zog's in my nostrils and a few like-minded surfers is one of the best ways for me to connect with the ocean after a favorable surf report.

You haven't lived until you've dodged a lobster buoy set in 50 degree waters…

However, there are only so many times I can only watch Endless Summer II before I need to spread my wings and paddle out to some new and foreign backyard. To do this, I simply log online and catch up with some of my favorite surfing podcasts.

Surf Simply
Surf Simply is most likely the premiere technical surfing podcast on the net, offering detailed instruction for every level of surfer on the planet. Available through iTunes, as well as a bevy of social media access points, I can sit back with a soda and let the soak it in. What makes Surf Simply stand out is the crews dedication to being concise and unambiguous - no 'feel the rhythm of the ocean malarkey here. Think of it as your local surfing report on steroids.

Surf Splendor Podcast
David Scales and Scott Bass go out of their way to bring just about everything worth talking about in a surfing report to their long running podcast, Surf Splendor. Travel tips, unusual sightings, videos, and notable characters show up with every broadcast to showcase the downright groovy side of dedicated surf junkies, and shows can be picked up through their website.

Surf Guru
Surf Guru is another iTunes available podcast, geared more to the older Florida-based surfing crowd. It's solid to listen in for old school news, with bios and surfing reports from long forgotten surf breaks. The guys at Surf Guru do a stellar production, and when it's 10 below in New Hampshire, it's good to hear somebody somewhere is catching some quality rides.

Surf Yak
The Grinch and Talkin' Tom bring their podcast to light through their own website, With an East Coast focus out of St. Augustine, Surf Yak covers surfing report news up and down the Eastern Seaboard; including garage builds on board, exceptional beaches, and everyday realities affecting the surfing community.

Surfing California
Surfing California is a podomatic platform production, harkening back to the glory days of AM radio surfing reports. The show is sprinkled with lively discussion on trends, as well as practical advice for listeners with items such as 'What wetsuit should you buy your kid?' The show can be sporadic in releases, but when a new one comes out, it's worth a tune in. You can log in through their homepage.