Eco-Friendly Bedroom Furniture for the Fashionable Shopper

Great Looks that Won't Harm the Earth

eco-friendly furniture
The past few years, my wife and I have made a conscious effort to make our lives more green. We garden intensely, as those who follow my articles are aware, and we re-purpose when we can. When it was time to start looking at bedroom furniture for ourselves (the kids were just outfitted with bedroom sets from the grandmother's old house), it didn't occur that we had eco-friendly options. However, after seeing the offerings at the local chain stores, we thought we could do better, and in the search discovered there were in fact lines of eco-friendly and green bedroom furniture.

The Bamboo Bed
My first presumption, and wrong at that, was that eco-friendly bedroom furniture was going to look like something more fitting for Tarzan's tree house. I imagined knotted poles fastened with jungle vines and Jane making hospital corners. The first few sets we came across did not disappoint, and we kept our distance. But with a bit of persistence and open-mindedness, we found a queen-sized platform bamboo bed from Greenington that was fresh and modern with sleek lines, and as it was a similar dimension to our old bed, it meant we didn't need to search for a new box-spring and mattress. The style was subtle, with a golden finish that matched our bedroom walls.

The Eco-friendly Dresser
Greenington also had available a matching six-drawer Currant Dresser, in a similar finish. Made of bamboo as well, I questioned whether it could withstand heavy use. I may kick against a bed frame on occasion and never concern myself, but dresser drawers are abused all day long. To answer simply, the furniture is made to take a beating. Made of fused bamboo strips to protect it from dings and scratches, this process makes it stronger than traditional, untreated wood.

The Green Nightstands
At this point, we were fairly impressd with the selection from Greenington, so we set out to choose our nightstands. My wife uses hers for not only a lamp and alarm clock, but for the myriad of books that find their way from the shelf to her lap. Mine needed to be wide enough to hold not only the usuals, but my laptop as well. We ended up choosing the nightstands that were part of the Currant line of designs. The 24"x18" top was just the right size, and will help keeping the essentials within reach, but not so large as to become a collecting spot for random 'stuff.'

Re-purposed Mirror
We have a small-ish bedroom, and I thought now might be a good time to look for a large mirror to hang on our short-side wall. My wife wanted to go new, but after footing the hefty, though reasonable, bill for the furniture, I won out and we scoured our local thrift shops for a suitable match. I ended up finding a 6'x'7 behemoth with engraved glass for under $20, and after carefully hauling it home and cleaning it up, it fit as if it were sold alongside our new bedroom set.