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Chasing the endless summer doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg. Careful planning and a talent for thinking outside the box when it comes to world class rip and curl destinations will present a host of affordable, epic rides for less than you might think. All you need is a worthwhile plan, a few like-minded friends, some Mr. Zogs, and hitting the peak crest season just right to make a discount surfing vacation rival the giant waves off of Waimea. For your next surfing trip, consider the less frequented Baja California on the west coast of Mexico.

Cheap Surfing off Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Southern Mexico offers the waves worth traveling for, as well as being an often overlooked vacation destination for seasoned travelers to warmer climates. Guests along Baja's Southern peninsula can enjoy miles of secluded beaches for that often dreamed about private wave, as well as unique seafood dishes to the region.

baja surfing As with many packaged vacation deals, the more members that book a vacation with your group the greater the discount offered from the travel agent or resort. Booking a trip with added features such as guided tours, fishing packages, and even catered dining can bring your experience to grand levels, while at the same time increasing your discounts. In the end, you will only need to concern yourself
during your trips with pocket money for souvenirs.

Booking Mexico Surfing Trips
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Traditional frugal travelers save the most money by booking package deals, where everything from local meals to help you experience the authentic cuisine to ground transportation to and from surf hotspots is included. For Baja, the rates rise slightly but remain affordable between early May and mid October, when the swells peak against the wild coast line. When booking your trip, look for deals that move your surfing party from beach to beach as well as region to regions rather than rely on the single spot advertised by many resorts who claim to cater to surfers. These locales will offer decent surfing right out your bungalow door, but will end up disappointing not only by the predictability, but also of the hundred other surfers with the same notion.

Worthy locations in Southern Baja, Mexico include Abrejos, with stunning breaks and reliable actions, and Scorpion Bay, and exotic locale with ripping surf to match its name. Not recommended for beginners, surfers who get the most from what Baja has to offer come with reliable gear as well as a solid skill level to navigate the sometimes tricky currents and swell the ragged coastline offers.