Brown Sea Kelp for Treating Thyroid Problems

Using a Natural Iodine Supplement to Increase My Hormone Levels


idodine thyroid treatment I thought perhaps it was simply the winter bleccchs that were keeping my energy levels at bay, but as the sun returned in the spring with the vitamin D love, and I still felt worn out, I knew it was time to visit my doctor. The last thing I wanted was to be dragging behind my girls as they grew up, so I needed to see what could be done about it. Several questions about exercise and dietary attention later, including a few blood tests, the results came back with a surprising result. The issue was with my thyroid, or rather the lack of hormonal secretions it was responsible for. My thyroid was slowing down.

I wasn't critical, but the doctor explained that the regulatory hormones secreted by my thyroid performed a variety of functions, one of which was to keep my energy levels up as well as my metabolism healthy. If hormone levels were low, I would soon see a drastic gain in weigh with increased lethargy. This of course wasn't something I was looking forward to in my old age, so we spoke about ways to combat the issue.

Potassium Iodine as a Thyroid Booster
My thyroid wasn't busted, but simply slowing down. In order to bring it back up to speed, the doctor recommended I begin with potassium iodide or iodine supplements, available over the counter in concentrated pills. The pills would infuse my system with the iodine required to stimulate my thyroid each day, and at night, my body would have to pass out the unused components through my kidney processing.

I'm not a pill kind of guy, and asked whether there was another method for increasing my iodine levels. The solution was brown sea kelp. This market staple, also available from specialty food stores, is packed with naturally occurring iodine and when eaten and helps to maintain proper levels without over-doing it as with the pills.

Brown Sea Kelp for Thyroid Problems
The kelp is extremely adaptable to any meal I prepare for the family. When hydrated, it can be added to salads and soups, or when remaining dried, as an edible garnish. The benefit of supplementing with kelp is I will not run the risk of over-saturating my thyroid which may occur with over the counter pills, which in turn would massively increase hormone production and lead to swollen glands that would be at risk for tumor development.

Adding the kelp to my diet was simple, and it tastes wonderful as well. By staying faithful to my eating plans, my thyroid has kept a healthy pace with my lifestyle, and my energy has returned just in time for the height of warm weather and great times with my children.