Beyond Banksy: Street Art Credibility
I've been  passive follower of street art for a couple of years now, spying works going up along the rail tracks of the T in Boston while on the commute, or in short cut alleys in just about any city I happen to find myself.

It's a fascinating means of expression, one part rage against the machine, another a vibrant addition to the zeitgeist of our readjusting culture. The greatest examples make up stop and re-examine ourselves without hesitation. The truly exceptional make up want to create change, as evidenced in the works of such artists as Banksy.

sharkthisThe medium is open to any with a voice and talent for speaking out, and through a bit of research on the subject, I discovered Sharkthis, an online community dedicated to spreading the message of art beyond the less frequented canvasses of the artists. The movement is growing, to such an extent that the site is well underwritten, and has a three year campaign to award the artist with the most overall votes. The award? One million dollars. The future of street expressionism is coming to a head with legitimacy.

Sharkthis promotes artist uploads of created work, and acts as an archive for the often dismantled displays for the world to take notice. Details can be found on their Facebook page, as well as Twitter feed.