An Affordable Hawaiian Surfing Vacation on the Cheap

Surf Hawaii for Less by Booking Ahead


surfing hawaii Hawaii has a reputation for costing an arm and a leg, not only from the prices associated with visiting, but also with the extreme surfing long and short boarders the world over come to experience. It doesn't have to be that way with a little planning on your part and some common sense budgeting.

Book Your Hawaiian Surfing Trip Early
As with any vacation plans, the earlier you book and pre-pay, the better chances you have of getting great rates and availability matching to your schedule. Also, check with your credit card company to match up flight discounts for traveling in the off-season. They have deals with airlines and hotels to offer members better discounts if they show up when others are thinking of anywhere but Hawaii.

When to Travel for Great Hawaiian Surfing Prices
As one of the premier destinations for surfing, Hawaii doesn't really have an off season for catching worthwhile waves. Waimea Bay in Haleiwa on the north shore of O'ahu, see its fair share of transient surf fanatics each season and many pay top dollar to catch the perfect wave mid-season. Peak surfing depends on what your tastes run - from predictable rollers in the spring and summer to storm fed monsters during the winter from November to March. If you're looking for the best rates on rooms and amenities, however, try to fit your travel plans in during October when tourism flow is to a trickle. The waves will be all over the place in quality, while still guaranteeing you're the barrel ride of your life.

Where the Budget Conscious Stay
If you are headed for O'ahu, your best bet is to locate a hotel just outside of Haleiwa. Taxis and buses can get you where you need to go, and you'll save on a high rental car fees. However, chances are you'll meet some like-minded surfers, and buddying up on your road travel expenses may not seem as farfetched as it sounds. Rates for hotels are simply cheaper if you're just a little but further away from the action, so check out a few online travel deals and plan ahead.

How to Eat on the Cheap in Hawaii
To save money, stay away from waterfront tourist traps and explore a bit for where the locals eat. This not only will save you precious pocket cash, but let you experience more authentic local cuisine cooked by someone who really knows their poi. Grab some Mr. Zogs Sex Wax, a couple of towels, and hit the beach - your Hawaiian surfing vacation is just around the corner.