Pappys Manchester NH: Best Pizza Takeout in Town

pappys Manchester nh I'm fortunate to have Pappys Manchester NH just down the road from my house. Lucky, you might say, that when walking with my kids on a cool fall day there's an inviting place to stop and enjoy a scoop or two of homemade ice cream.

And I'm honored to be a customer. The Pappas family's philosophy is not only to serve great food, but to serve the community and youth sports programs as well. To date, the family-owned and operated restaurant has sponsored over 20 different youth teams since opening in 1982. Pappy's also sponsors the roughest, toughest, hardest skating roller derby team in the country, the ManchVegas Rollergirls.

Pappys Manchester NH Atmosphere Tells It All
Sure, there are chain places available for game day takeout, and hole-in-the-wall cardboard-and-cheese delivery joints that might save me a buck or two, but who needs them? When I walk through the doors at Pappy's, I belong. My neighbor Jeff, who's just the other side of my backyard fence, might be ahead of me talking with our alderman who has stopped in for a coffee and a slice of pie .

I might catch up with an old coach from my days playing high school baseball, who is doing the same as me- grabbing some hot comfort food to bring home before kick-off. Or maybe, and these are the best times, I might meet someone new to the neighborhood and congratulate them on finding the best pizza and sub shop in Manchester.

pappys Manchester nhThe Waiting Is Half the Fun
Even if my wife makes me call ahead, we still leave right away for some quality time at the restaurant. Whether we watch the kitchen crew toss pizza dough behind the counter, or talk local politics with neighbors, the time is well spent.

My kids love to join me, as well. They can enjoy a lemonade at the spinning lunch stools and catch the pre-game reports on the wall-mounted TV. Or, if they've been really good, I'll lead them to the classic Ms. PacMan and Tetris arcade machines for a bit of schooling. You can be sure Daddy still has game.

The Pappys Manchester NH Food Is Phenomenal 

pappys Manchester nh I tend to gravitate toward the steak and cheese sub at $7.75, or sometimes the fish and chips dinner at $9.75. But rest assured, everything off the menu is top notch game time grub.

My mother tends to favor the steak-bomb, though she also praises the humble cheese pizza. Everyone in the family can get something different so we can share when the time comes. We then top off our order with a large 14" Hawaiian pizza for $13.95 just to be on the safe side.

Pappys Manchester NH also has chicken wings, onion rings, and a great homemade lasagna dinner for $10.50. We expect to pay about $45 as a family, and between $85-$100 to feed a crowd of 10 friends should their TV sets suddenly go on the blink. And yes, Pappy's will cater.

The Skinny on Pappys Manchester NH

Pappys Manchester NH is located on the corner of Elm and Brook Streets in Manchester, New Hampshire. The restaurant is child-friendly, has outdoor seating, and is handicapped-accessible. If you are stopping by for a warm-up before the game, Pappy's does serve beer and wine. You can dine in if you want, and the game will be the TV, or you can do takeout like we do.

Pappy's does not deliver, but will cater fixed and customized orders for your game day crowd. The restaurant's hours are 6 a.m.-9 p.m., seven days a week, barring snow emergencies. Now, as Pappy's is a family-run business, there will be times when the place won't open till 11 a.m. due to family commitments, and as neighbors, we think that's the right way to run a business.

Have you been? What did you think? Lets us know in the comments!