Metal Detector Madness Grips the Imagination

It was bound to happen as the perfect storm of envy, time, and interest have come together to turn me on to a new focus. I want to go an pick up my own metal detector. I've watched the folks walk the beach, finding treasure with the sweep of a wand. During road trips inland, I've spied steadfast searchers methodically working a fallow field. I want to do that. I want to find buried history. Metal Detecting

I have a friend of mine who shall remain nameless to stop the hoards from seeking out his secrets, who has been metal detecting for over ten years, with each foray turning up more and more interesting items. Most are coins dating from between 1850 and the 1950s, but he has also had success with gold pocket watches, true silverware, and a handful of Civil War pistols. Each time he shares his metal detecting finds, I ask if it's the best he's ever seen.

"Not bad," is his response. "Might do better tomorrow."

I suppose his nonchalant response is just bait to get me to catch the metal detecting fever, and it's worked. I've been pricing metal detectors, and have been using the Treasure Hunter Depot for a great deal of my research into metal detectors. I'm learning each metal detector has it's uses, whether for metal detecting beach finds or even for gold metal detecting. 

Metal Detecting Forum Advice

I've also learned that it's not just a simple walk in the woods. For worthwhile attempts, research is recommended on every metal detecting forum I've ever visited. Places like the Treasure Hunter Depot offer repositories of historical maps, broken down by region and type of metal detecting finds a person is going after. And as the regions change in geology and topography, different metal detectors are a must.

Pick Up a Good Metal Detector

My buddy runs a series of metal detectors depending on his map discoveries. As he's been doing this for a while, his equipment is pretty serious. When hitting a metal detecting beach, I've been leaning toward buying a Bounty Hunter Platinum. As a beginner seeking decent metal detecting finds, this unit is light weight and simple to use. Should I step up to gold metal detecting, the metal detecting forum suggestions lean toward the  Fisher Gold Bug DP metal detector. A bit pricey for a beginner,
but should I start to find worthy resale items, it would make sense to up my game with this bad boy.

Living in New England, there are a great many places worth traveling to in order to do a bit of metal detecting. I'm a beginner, and I realize I need to develop the knowledge, intuition, and patience that makes a good metal detector successful. And it all starts with that first step and picking up a good metal detector.