Losing Weight the Flexitarian Way

A Stay-at-Home Dad Approach to Dropping Pounds

how to eat flexitarian I'm the first to admit I haven't always eaten the way I should. As a young adult, my metabolism was supercharged to absorb, breakdown, and dispose of any junk I decided to toss its way. This included entire pizzas, hamburgers by the pound, and more supermarket roasted chicken than one person may have found appetizing.

As I grew older, my lifestyle changed as did my metabolism, but my eating habits were a bit more stubborn to adjust. I put on weight and discovered I lacked the energy of my younger years. A change needed to be made and quickly. I couldn't go through life feeling the way I was.

Flexitarian Diet
I settled for an amalgamation of diets, now known as the Flexitarian diet. The concept was based on reducing the amount of meats I was introducing to my body, and increasing the vegetable, fruits, and vegetable proteins needed for increased energy levels. Occasional meat eating as a part-time vegetarian was fine, as long as I stayed away from heavily processed foods such as drive-through hamburgers and burritos. I determined the tastes weren't that great to begin with, so I had no trouble walking away. Well, maybe I curtailed my ordering from Seamless and Harry & David. Just a little.

My diet included vegetables from my own garden, and by increasing my productivity out there, I was finding wholesome exercise. It became a ritual of sorts, with a closely maintained schedule to keep me active as well as put food on my family's table. If I bought meat, it was from my local butcher and not from the deli counter, where processed meats were injected with chemicals that made them as bad as the fast food joint offerings.

Results of Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The first change I noticed in this mindful approach was a return of my youthful energy levels. Exercise now included bushwhacking in the deep woods instead of simply walking the dog around the block. My kids enjoyed the benefits of my keeping up with them, and our adventures became something that wore the whole family out.

The Proof Is in the Poundage Dropped

Six months into the focused eating regimen, I weighed myself for the first time since I had started. I didn't want to live my life by what the scale read, but simply wanted to feel the results so I know it was working. When I began I weighed 295 pounds. Six months later. I was down to 225. At six foot four, I was in optimal range, and stable.

With results like that for only being mindful of what I eat, I am sure to be around much longer for my children than if I had not made the change.