How to Plan for the Boston Museum of Science

Top of the Boston Bucket List

As the school year begins, my kids remind me they enjoy activities that engage, as well as entertain. One such activity we've made an annual pilgrimage is the Boston Museum of Science. Located just off of Storrow drive at 1 Science Park in Boston, Massachusetts, the museum is a wonderful way to spend a day exploring how the world works.

Admission Cost
With our family budget the way it is these days, we make sure to stop by our local public library and check out their museum tickets. These Boston MOS passes let us in for $7/person, while full admission is $23 for adults, $21 for seniors, and $20 per child, not including special exhibits such as the Hayden Planetarium or Mugar Omni Theater. If there are four of us, you can see how that adds up quick.

Besides the kids, I always make sure to bring along lunch. We could purchase a good meal in the Riverview CafĂ©, but again, being money conscious, we bring our own picnic to enjoy. If you plan on buying lunch while visiting the museum, and I can recommended the food, plan on $10/person. Food isn't allowed in the display halls, but you can stow it in your car in the attached parking garage. 

What to See First

The first thing we visit at the Boston MOS is the George Rhoads Archimedean Excogitation, located at the start of the exhibit halls. My kids spend 20 minutes simply watching as the ball weights and levers work their magic. It's a great way to warm up to the walking tour that awaits inside.

Nature at the Boston MOS

Our next stop is the Natural Mysteries exhibit, with plenty of hands on exploration with shells, bones, stones, and the like. My kids are very tactile sensitive, and the individual work stations let them discover on their own without me hovering over their shoulders.

T-Rex, Oh My!

Then it's off to Dinosaur Hall, where a life-sized tyrannosaurus rex towers over us as we explore footprints, skeletons models, and actual fossils. The hall is located on the lower level, and is a great place to visit before making our way up through the floors.

Indoor Playground

When my kids begin to get a bit rowdy, it's time to head over to the Science in the Park exhibit, where physics lessons are demonstrated with objects known to all kids - playground equipment! Teeter-totters, swings, and merry-go-rounds let kids play while experiencing the forces that make the world run. The floor is even padded to cut down on those playground boo-boos.

Lights, Camera, Action!

One exhibit we caught this year, which is only partially open, is the Pixar Lab, where kids visiting the Boston MOS can explore how their favorite Pixar films are created using hands-on 3D animation, stop action photography, and lighting technology. It's fun to watch them become their own directors, and create their own scenes with familiar characters.

With just a little bit of planning, a trip to the Boston MOS can be a wonderful memory that doesn't break the bank.