3 Basic Lessons for Teaching Kids to Garden

teaching kids to garden
Spring's raucous season is slowly but surely giving way to Summer, and that means our garden in the country will begin to produce selected edibles soon enough.

Teaching Kids to Garden

As regular readers know, I am elbow deep this time of year in the beds, my kids by my side working on culling weeds and picking away the various pests. Teaching kids to garden is a wonderful way to spend the day, whether working your raised beds or for city dwellers, DIY container gardening. Simple gardening lessons for kids prepares them for greater creative challenges, and offers them an opportunity to better appreciate their food and how it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

teaching kids to gardenRecently, I became aware of a wonderful site, Just Me and You, Kid, chronicling exactly what we are doing here in Manchester NH. Parents teaching kids to garden brings not only a connection within the family, but with the Earth as well. Our beds here in NH have been planted for two weeks, and our first sprouts from peas and beans are starting to feel their way up the trellis. The lettuce is leafing out, and chives are making a sweet scent waft across the soil.

teaching kids to gardenI have learned that keeping three basic lessons in mind, my girls are out the door before me when it's time to harvest.

3 Basic Lessons

#1- Let them have their own gardening space. As the adult, you can offer advice, but never attempt to take over their slice of veggie delight.

#2 - Encourage them to make their own vegetable and fruit planting selections, even if you yourself are not sure about something. If the seeds were bought from a reputable seller in your area, it sure can't hurt to try something new.

#3 - Help them brag about their accomplishments. Take pictures and share success stories for them on social media. Your bragging about their skills is a great way to further their pride.

Perhaps a small harvest is in order this weekend... just me and my girls.