How Parents Can Help Children Cope with Anxiety Issues

anxious children
I recently had a conversation with another parent at school pick up concerning how some kids at the local Y looked ragged and worn out all the time. Skittish, too. It wasn't that we suspected problems in the home, but rather that the kids seemed worried and anxious all the time. Little things would make them cling closer to their mothers, things like a bug crawling on the ground or a crow cawing in a tree.

It made me think, so I did some investigating. Now, readers are well aware that my kids are adventurous, perhaps too much so at times for my mental stability, but they are healthy and sociable. But there is a stark contrast between my kids and the ones we were talking about at pick up.

helping kids with anxiety issuesI found a wonderful article, by chance, that went into great detail concerning anxiety in children. It's not an environmental condition per se, driven by behaviors that are easily controllable, but an issue of youthful perception and understanding of the world around them.

The author, reviewed everything from early symptoms to suggested treatments, based on the level of severity. How to Help Children Under 10 Cope With Anxiety took a careful and step by step approach to illustrate the conditions as they surface, and how best to help young kids solve their issues.

One thing that made perfect sense was that a child with anxiety is not alone, in either a positive or negative sense, as their views of the world become a driving factor on how the rest of the family unit relate to each other. The consideration of the anxious child become paramount, with every decision revolving around how that child will react.

A worthy read, and highly recommended for any parent.