A Virtual Assistant for a Stress Free Summer

Murakami quoteI swear, the best choice I've made in the past few months was to increase my freelance writing gigs. Every day, I'm getting more and more orders from folks who need a page done here, or an article done there. I've been editing client website content from India to Jamaica, and I couldn't be happier. My business is truly taking off... and I'm proud to say I do excellent work.

Therein lies the problem.

Dunford ServicesEverything has been going so well that my days are comfortably filled with fun and inspiring orders from my clients. When the girls get out of school, there I am ready for an adventure or two before dinner, bath, and bedtime. But I've been thinking, what's going to happen come summer? I don't want to be tied to a laptop while my kids wait for me to finish up orders so what to do? A little bit of introspection and research proved invaluable in this dilemma. I realized I spend up to 80% of my client time researching the material required for any given client's writing request. It became obvious that I needed help. Looking around, I found Dunford Administrative Services, a firm out of Toronto that specializes in exactly what I was looking for.

Dunford offers affordable solutions for my research requirements. I can contract a virtual assistant to perform the needed research, and I'll be able to spend that time out on the trails with the girls, or in the boat tracking down bass. If I require, I can also have Dunford professionals complete data entry and even manage my social media projects while I'm on the go. I no longer need to be tied to a computer, as I can communicate with my Dunford pro via smart phone. Imagine it - I can cast around a bit, set the girls up for fishing in a particular spot, and then check in with my virtual assistant right from the boat.

When the girls go to bed for the night, I simply use the files that have been sent and get straight to the fun part of freelance writing - the actual writing. Viola! My summer has been saved from the stress inducing balancing act of making a living and spending time with my children.

Bring it on, Summer. We're all ready for you!