Psy Follows up 'Gangnam Style' with 'Gentleman'

The globe is debating the 'better-than' merits of Psy's Gentleman right now. It's true- people are sitting around praising or debasing based on how it compares to Gangnam Style. What they are missing is the point- an artist is full-well aware that to attempt to better themselves with each project is a sure way to go insane. Crazy, bat-shit, I tell you. I mean, for the love of money, look at what happened to Truman Capote...

An artist, whether writer, painter, sculpture, or musician, cannot create based on expected feedback. They must be inspired by what drives them. If the muse takes them down a darker road, so be it. If it takes them to Disneyland, well, the process is working.

It takes years for an artist to come to grips with this notion - that art is perfected only when it truly reflects the intended message of the creator. What seems to muck it up is the infusion of editors, producers, agents, managers, fans, spouses, bill collectors, and the likes. Commercializing for the sake of raking in the cash debases the art and makes it something else - pop culture.

If you know what's best for you, if you truly want to know how to stay happy, stick to your original vision. Don't write that novel wondering how best to market it. Don't paint that canvas under the illusion it will bring a bigger paycheck if you add a red hat to the third model in the far right corner- create as you wish. Damn the rest to hell.

By the way, 'Gentleman' is posting at 27 million hits as of this writing.

Not too shabby.