Sarah Jane Smith Died Today

Not even K-9 could save her this time.

Elizabeth Sladen, one of the greats of the BBC series, 'Doctor Who,' will be missed terribly. Her career spanned space and time, and though her repertoire of dialogue often included a whine and an cautionary fear, Sarah Jane moved into the fray against Daleks, Cybermen, and Yeti with the best of them.

As a kid, I was allowed to watch one television program of my choice. Only one. It was the eighties and there was so much to choose from: The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Hulk... I even passed up the promiscuous prime time associated with The Love Boat, all so I could focus on the NHPTV re-airing of an obscure British sci-fi import called Doctor Who. 

Though cynical at the time, I was able to overlook the low-budget, particleboard props, the sometimes blocky stage direction of unseasoned extras - even the absurdity of the antagonist costuming. All because the stories were creative, compact and serialized. Each night, I traveled through the comforting and familiar unknown, never disappointed of the destination. I feel a long night of old episodes in my near future.

Sarah Jane Smith, I admit, is a crush I will hold for sometime.

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