Video Labeled 'Aliens in the NASA Archives'

To flatly deny the existence of intelligent life beyond the bounds of Earth is ignorant, plain and simple. The true debate, in my opinion, is whether there has been contact with the human race.

When I was stationed in the Indian Ocean, I would spend a few nights a month lying on the coral sand beaches that surrounded the base, my eyes scanning the stars for any sight of unexplained. I'd heard rumors of tactical nuke storage in the area, and thought, what better bait for a few UFOs? But, I never came across anything other than a few poorly lit C-9s and an occasional B2. Perhaps my reasoning was off, or my timing was poor. It didn't matter, because on many of those observation trips, I was not alone. Let me tell you that a warm blanket, a bottle of wine, and an inquisitive girlfriend can make the stars come alive, no matter what.

This video has been making the rounds for a while now in several forms, claiming to depict footage and audio drawn from NASA archives and similar sources. There's even a Russian sourced image or two stashed inside. As a note, nowhere in this video is there definitive language specifying the images being viewed.

In the least, the images are moving, both physically and emotionally, and there is solid entertainment value to the presentation.

As always, the best evidence of possibility is inevitably blurry.