Are Crop Circles Real: Questions from the Homestead

are crop circles realWhen I was in high school, long before we lived on our own homestead spread, I worked for a local mom and pop farm stand. These were good times and a decent paycheck. Hard work, but good work.

Deep summer found me on my knees, weeding out fields of strawberries and kale, while early fall found me in a pick-up truck, hand picking bushels of sweet corn. As if I knew the answers, being so wise a teenager, people often asked, 'Are crop circles real?' And to be honest, I couldn't give a straight answer. I'd never seen one.

Crop circles are nothing new, and in fact have become so common an occurrence that news coverage seems to be limited to local media. These 'agrilyphs' are incredible, not simply because they exist, but because the vast majority are immense mathematical constructs, each with the ability to be broken down into precise and predictable formulas.

Are Crop Circles Real?

So, are crop circles real? The video is a National Geographic story asking that very question, centering on Wiltshire in England, home of large amounts of crop circle activity. 

Though we don't do large feed crops here on our one acre, I'm hoping the 30x30' patch of crimson clover we put in this year might attract some miniature versions like the ones shown.

No matter what you beliefs, or what our experiences with the world might be, Wendie and I agree that the Universe is too big a place to simply accept things as the way they are. There are plenty of mysteries out there yet to be discovered, and though these crop circles may be made by people with highly-organized artistic and sneakery skills, they might also be made by some astro-visitors trying communicate, either as a joke or as a warning. Who knows.

No, Really. Are Crop Circles Real?

are crop circles realThe fact does remain that these things happen, and continue to happen. Some have taken responsibility and shown how to do it. Others appear and disappear in the night, while some look like an Iowa State frat party gone weird. Still, they are real, they do exist and the only questions that remain are who made them and why.
As always, we love sharing our experiences and homestead life with you all, and truly enjoy it when you join the conversation. What do you think? Are crop circles real? Have you ever experienced one? Let us know by joining the conversation below, and don't forget to subscribe!


I had a good friend who went to a U.S. crop circle, where the farmer had reported seeing odd lights in the sky the night before. He said when he walked thru it it the next morning it was "pristine and the wheat was woven". He took a lot of photos. My friend when in the crop circle for a while during the day, and went to her car to eat lunch. She asked her teenage daughter if her hair looked odd, she said "mom your hair is green", like a chlorine pool. They both shrugged it off. Later they thought they must have been in an altered state since their reaction made no sense. The green faded away within a few hours.
WT Abernathy said…
I know there have been folks who have admitted to making them, and they did a great job in the time allotted, but nothing of the intricate scales we've seen. Plus, there are reports of low levels of radiation for a couple days after they form- makes you think:)