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Impossibly Cold Weather Homestead Chicken Eggs

We consider our chickens to reside more in the pet-realm than as a production element of the farm. Sure, they're an important part of our plan with fresh chicken eggs coming in daily, but when you name them and can recognize each by their personality, chickens end up getting treated a little better. 

At least, that's the laying hens and Bruce the Rooster. The meat chickens are approached on an all-business relationship with a one-way ride to the butcher after two months or so. But for our long-term ladies, it's all about love and a lot of care. Especially at this time of year, where breezy days and cold nights can cause havoc with homestead chickens. 
Homestead chicken eggs are in a realm all of their own. Farm fresh eggs are rich and colorful and come from happy hens. In a cold weather environment, this means extra attention to feed and basic comforts like clean bedding and protection from the elements. Our ladies are special, and we all do our part to keep them healthy and…

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